Norsjö Carrier Electric

100% environment and 100% care

The Norsjö Carrier Electronic is clear proof that we take the environment very seriously indeed. We keep up to date, and we care about climate – and the great thing is, so do our customers. A long range, in combination with low operating costs and minimal impact on the environment, make the Carrier Electronic a real winner. It is just as easy to drive, just as efficient at carrying loads, but it’s quiet, emission-free and climate-smart. Do you care as much as we do?

In Norsjö’s Electronic, we have put together thoughtful solutions to every problem. The reverse gear makes the moped easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces, and the electric drive makes it ideal for running indoors or out – no exhaust, no noise!

The innovative design and our care for the driver and the environment are shown in the ergonomic driving position, the hydraulic suspension and brakes, the generous load platform and the reliable motor.

The Carrier Electronic is a dependable and long-term investment for you and for the environment.