Norsjö Moped AB is part of Lennartsfors AB, and the first serie-produced moped from the Lennartsfors factory was issued on 1 April 2007.

Lennartsfors was named after Lennart Uggla, who was among the founders of the metal works here in 1839. Earlier, this township was known by the name of Ränken or Ränkesed. On and off, the metalworks had a considerable output of various products, including boats. The metal works was closed down in 1877.

In 1886, a factory for mechanical pulping was built here. When the factory started, it was one of the biggest in the country. Yet it was closed down at the outbreak of World War II, when export was stopped.

In 1947, AB Lennartsfors Mekaniska Verkstad was established and throughout the years, a variety of different products have been made here.

Today, we are manufacturing products for small-scale foresting, such as sawmills, the Iron Horse, the Wheelhorse, and last but definitely not least, the Norsjö carrier mopeds.

Lennartsfors AB moved to the new premises (see picture above) in 1996, and since 2007, also Norsjö Moped has the same address.