For two years, we have been evaluating Hawker XFC Flex batteries for our mopeds.

This AGM-type battery is based on the advanced thin-plated-pure-lead technology; it is a completely maintenance-free valve-regulated battery not requiring any special ventilation. Also lower weight and higher efficiency are among the recommended qualities of our new XFC battery.

XFC-Flex is a battery of 164 or 82 Ah and can be recharged within 3 hours by means of an onboard charger (60/40 A).

Another advantage with the XFC Flex is that it allows for pause charging, i.e. there is no need for full charging each time you charge the battery.

XFC 164 Ah is part of the standard equipment of the Swedish Post mopeds From 1 January 2011.

Ever since the introduction of the XFC Flex, the battery maintenance has been reduced to minimum. Just like ordinary batteries, they should be charged when the moped is not in use – NEVER LEAVE A BATTERY UNCHARGED.

If you are curious about the new batteries, you are welcome to contact us or visit for more information.


There is a bulkier and more substantial top box available now for those who need extra storage space.

The box is o-ring sealed and watertight and can be padlocked, and is delivered complete with a fastening plate adapted to our mopeds.

The price of the box plus attachments is 4.400 SEK + VAT.Nu finns en större och kraftigare modell av toppbox i sortimentet för den som är i behov av extra förvaringsutrymme.

Boxen, som är o-ringtätat är helt vattentät och låsbar med hänglås, levereras komplett med fästplatta anpassad för våra mopeder.

Pris för box och fästanordning 4 400 SEK + moms.


1 November 2011 we launched our new webshop.

Here you can order spare parts any time that suits you. We have also added the Direct Payment function through Payson, which means that you can make your purchases electronically also as a private customer.

In our webshop there is also a FAQ function. There you will find the most frequent questions that customers have sent us, as well as the answers.

We will be grateful for all your observations, whether positive or critical, about our new homepage and webshop – it is meant for our customers, and therefore we consider it important that you find it functional.