Norsjö Mekaniska Verkstads AB (the Norsjö Mchanical Workshop) was established in 1951in Norsjö, 80 kilometers from Skellefteå, by Director Manasse Larsson.

The first product was a three-wheeled ”sommarspark” (summer version of the Nordic kick-sled), mostly meant for the elderly. These days, this kind of “kick-sleds” can mostly be found in hospitals or in industry.

Director Larsson was a kind-hearted man who attempted to make everyday life easier for the elderly and the disabled. Those days, not everyone had a driving license, and most of the population could only dream of car ownership.

Already in 1953, Norsjö Mek. Verkstads AB started manufacturing transporters that other factories later used as an example.

In 1955, shortage of labour made it necessary to move the factory to a more central part of Sweden, and thus Forshaga outside Karlstad was chosen.

The construction was developed gradually to meet the demands of modern distribution for a vehicle that is swift, smooth, and above all, easy to park in the teeming present-day traffic.

Another advantage of the transporter was that the considerable carrying capacity and low operating costs made transport expenses low, and it could furthermore be trusted to employees from the age of 15 – the so-called delivery boys.

In 1961 the new moped car Partner was issued, as well as the new carrier moped Packi.

In 1964 an updated version of the moped car Partner was presented, and the new model was called Shopper.

At the time, the business had 35 employees and the top capacity of issuing 50 Shoppers weekly.

In the same year, Director Larsson suddenly deceases and manager Bengt Hägglund is appointed his successor.

Some dates:

  • 1965 Monark 1189 ”Gröna”
  • 1987 Carrier 1188/1189
  • 1989 Packy 2
  • 1994 manufacturing of the first Packy Electronic starts
  • 1994 Shopper and Partner are taken out of production
  • 1995 Cycle manufacturing is sold to Monark in Varberg and at the same time the moped manufacturing is bought by Norsjö Mekaniska AB from the abovementioned enterprises.
  • 1996 Norsjö Carrier 1187 & 1197
  • 2003 Norsjö Carrier 4-stroke and Electric