About Norsjö Moped AB

60 years of nostalgia, innovation and satisfied customers! The production started at Norsjö in Västerbotten 60 years ago but was soon moved to Forshaga and later on in 2007 to Lennartsfors in Värmland. The moped is a nostalgia trip and at the same time a highly modern means of transport. Today, Norsjö is the only moped manufacturer in Sweden, which gives us a unique position on the market.

We have a long-term approach – we learn the details of your everyday life and concentrate on your needs. Our product development department is situated on the same premises as the manufacturing, we are testing and evaluating our mopeds in the toughest possible environment – the Swedish weather is not to be toyed with! We know that our customers appreciate top quality in all details, and our designs are based on the different uses that customers will make of their carrier mopeds.

We give our carriers a special design based on the customer’s needs, and are used to producing in short series. This means you will get your specially designed carrier in a very short time. Spare parts are available at our plant in Lennartsfors, and this guarantees swift reparations and short downtime periods for your mopeds. Becoming our retailer means that you must meet our strict requirements, but if you do, you will be one of the Norsjö family, upholders of a proud tradition – 100% satisfied customers!