100% workhorse

It carries rakes and spades, lawn mowers and leaf blowers, plants and sacks of earth. With a Norsjö carrier, transport is both fast and cheap. 

100% relliable

Carrier Electric is a reliable long-term investment for you valuing low operation costs and carefree driving. For a silent and exhaust-free option, choose Carrier Electronic! Surround yourself with smart details and elaborate functions to make your life easier.

100% practical

The classic carrier moped is a natural choice for you with heavy burdens to carry in cramped alleys and narrow passages on an island or in a summer cottage area. It is a practical and environmentally friendly option for those appreciating easy access.

100% adapted

We adapt your transporter to your needs and wishes. Anders Olsson, world champion in handicap swimming, enjoys his Carrier Electric. It gives him both the joy of driving and functional solutions.

Norsjö Moped AB, producer of the Swedish transporters


The advantages are several: strong, smooth, reliable, and environmentally friendly. The noiseless engine, considerable flexibility and good carrying capacity make the Norsjö Carrier easy to fall for.

Add the innovative and driver-friendly design, the reverse gear, the hydraulic suspension and brakes, the large flatbed and the reliable engine, and you have a given winner – the one investing in a Norsjö Carrier.  

If you choose Norsjö Electric, our bestselling electric carrier, it is not just you but also the environment that will benefit!